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Ergoldsbacher Plain Tiles – The leading range for churches and the preservation of historic buildings.

A classic, like they used centuries ago. It allows the creation of calm and unified surface effects. Timeless aesthetics accompany comprehensive design options. ERLUS is the market leader in surfaces and shapes and also offers the industry’s largest standard selection of plain tiles.

• Number required per m² : approx. 33.7 to 44.5 tiles (depending on coverage and format)
• Minimum roof pitch: 10° (sinter plain tiles), 18° (plain tiles), Regular roof pitch: 30°

Technical data Biberschwanzziegel und Sinterbiber
ca. 18,0 x 38,0 cm ± 2 %
Covering length
siehe technische Zeichnungen (Tabelle Lattung)
Medium Covering width
ca. 18,0 cm ± 2 %
Supply required per m² (pieces)
ca. 33,7 - 44,5 (deckungs- und formatabhängig)
Weight per piece
ca. 2,0 kg
Weight per m² (DIN 1055)
0,75 kN/m²
Real weight
Pieces per pallet
Weight per pallet
ca. 1.040 kg
Bundle capacity (tiles)
Hail resistance class

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